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Pune's biggest coworking and shared office space. Designed and managed by entrepreneurs for startups, entrepreneurs & innovators.

24X7 Access

Meeting Rooms & Conference Hall

High-speed Internet

Recreation Center







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Plans starting from Rs 3000/month with flexibility of modifying no. of seats

Flexible Workspace

Great for nomads visiting office once in a while for meetings. You can choose your desk each day.

Rs 3500/month

Dedicated Desk

Perfect for individuals and teams looking to get the best out of their productive working hours.

Rs 4000/month

Private Room

Well-suited for team size of 7-10. Get the benefit of owning your own office & like-minded community.

Starting from Rs 18000/month

Conference Room

Well-equipped and suited for meetups, conference and meetings for 30 attendees.

Rs 300/hour

Cohive Community

A vibrant community is built by a diverse set of innovative minds. We have startups in diverse domains under one roof, following the same passion.